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Whose responsibility is it? #25 - Understanding the growth and scope of an industry

James Moss-Solomon

On August 30, 2017 The Mona School of Business and Management hosted a very successful Public Forum entitled “The Business of Medical Marijuana: profit or loss?” The speakers at the Forum highlighted and discussed several critical and relevant issues that went far beyond the usual “smoking issues”. The Forum can be viewed on the YouTube site of MSBM.

Whose responsibility is it? #24B -Climate Change and Hurricane Harvey

James Moss-Solomon

I am following up on a previous article on climate change in light of the “lucky miss”, or “escape from Harvey” which at the time of writing is ravaging coastal Texas. It has not yet completed its path, and is still severe enough to prevent many local rescues where people are stranded and rescue teams are still pinned down. We can only pray that the aftermath will not be as devastating as Katrina proved to be for New Orleans.

Whose responsibility is it? # 24 - Global warming and climate change: international considerations for Jamaica

The concept of climate change is again a very topical issue. Jamaica has had two recent bouts with heavy rains that have emphasized previously known areas of hazards, and have identified totally new areas that were previously overlooked or were dormant. The estimates of damages are not yet final, and even due diligence will not capture undocumented losses of agriculture, livestock, or illegal housing.

Whose responsibility is it? #21

James Moss-Solomon

Our Jamaican language is replete with words that are used in a different way to Standard English and can mean the opposite; for example “soon come” has no definitive time constraint. Also having “a few friends over” could be a party with 300 people in attendance.

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