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Master of Science

MSc. in Procurement Management

The MSc. in Procurement Management will provide rigorous training in the area of procurement, an important but understudied area in the management discipline. Students who take this programme will gain a comprehensive appreciation of the regulatory obligations, international agreements and reporting techniques for procurement operations.  The programme will cover issues dealing with: procurement and contract administration, inventory management, government contracts, ethics and social responsibility.

MSc. in National Security and Strategic Studies

The Master in National Security and Strategic Studies serves, not only to complement the professional training of the senior managers of the security sector, but in many instances, provides them with the opportunity of exposure to the rigours of Graduate Studies in a field very applicable to their day to day activities. The educational emphasis is placed on a policy oriented approach, as well as on critical examination of the theories and concepts that have influenced regional strategic, defence and anti-crime policies.

MSc. in Marketing and Data Analytics

The MSc. Marketing and Data Analytics is aimed at producing marketing professionals who are able to enhance their marketing decisions based on analytics and quantitative metrics. The programme is targeted at graduates from the general business and management-related discipline.

The programme equips participants to make marketing decisions based on quantitative analysis. Participants will be provided with a strong grounding in the analytical tools needed to flourish in today’s rapidly evolving, information-driven business environment.

MSc. in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

As Jamaica and the wider Caribbean prepare to compete in the new global economy of services and knowledge, it is imperative that they have sufficient human resources to compete in a global marketplace. The MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management programme is geared towards developing a cadre of professionals capable of executing and managing efficient operations in goods and services across the supply chain. The programme will cover principles and tools that can be employed to help to achieve these outcomes; especially in the context of the peculiarities of Jamaica and the Caribbean.

MSc. in Enterprise Risk Management

Offered by The Mona School of Business and Management in conjunction with the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of the West Indies, the MSc. ERM degree programme is designed to address the demand in the financial services and other industries for modern risk management talent. Risk professionals require a set of integrated skills in risk modelling and management of the risks associated with assets/liabilities of their business operations.

MSc. in Corporate Finance

This programme is designed to meet the current demands of the economic marketplace and provide participants with rigorous training to help develop proficiencies to find solutions to real-life financial situations. The focus of the MSc Corporate Finance is to provide technical training to persons who are interested in pursuing a career in the financial sector. It will provide rigorous technical academic training to persons who wish to have a career as a trader, financial analyst, corporate banker, risk analyst among others.

MSc. in Computer Based Management Information Systems (CBMIS)

The Master of Science in Computer Based Management Information Systems was developed in response to the rapidly growing demand for a new type of graduate student with an in-depth knowledge in management information systems and computer science.

This demand arises from the increased of use of computer-based systems both in the financial and retail sectors, as well as Government sectors. Until now, this demand has been filled by graduates either in Management Studies, or in Computer Sciences, at the least as far as junior positions are concerned.

MSc. in Accounting

This programme is designed to produce accounting thinkers, researchers and practitioners who can meet the demands of an increasingly complex and internationally competitive business environment in keeping with international developments in accounting education in recent years. The programme continues to be one of the sources for the provision of Chartered Accountants in Jamaica and the degree is accepted as the final professional examination for admission to the institute of Chartered Accountants of Jamaica.

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