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Academic Status

I am a part-time student however some of my classes are held in morning, why is this so?

Part-time in the Faculty is defined by a student’s work load per semester and does not mean evening studies. While some Level I courses are offered in the evening, the majority of the courses at Levels II and III are taught during the day only. Thus, students registered part-time must be prepared to attend classes between 8am and 5pm.

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How do I go about applying for leave of absence?

A student who for good reason wishes to be absent from an academic programme for a semester or more must apply for formal leave of absence via the Automated Student Request System (ASRS) accessed through the Faculty’s website

Leave of absence may be granted for one semester or for an academic year. Leave of absence, however, will not be granted for more than two consecutive academic years.

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Is there a deadline by which I should apply for leave of absence?

Applications for leave of absence must be made no later than the first week in October and the second week in February for Semesters 1 and 2, respectively.

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If the same course is required by both my major and minor, what should I do?

You will not be credited for the same course twice. You would need to select another course that is not a part of your major that is at the same level of the course you would be required to do and do it. Essentially, you will now have a free elective.

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Where should I go to request a status letter?

Requests for status letters should be made through the Examination Section of the Registry.

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How do I go about changing from part-time to full-time?

Students who wish to change their enrolment status should first go to the Request a Change of Major or Enrolment Status link at the Student Administrative Systems (SAS) Registration Menu which can be accessed at Students should then notify the Dean’s nominee in the Faculty Office who will consider the request for online approval.

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