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Is it true that the maximum grade a student can obtain on an oral examination is 40?

Yes. If an oral examination is passed, the student cannot be awarded a mark higher than 40 (a marginal pass) for the course.

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How do I register for Exams Only?

Submit letter of approval obtained from either Examinations Section or your Faculty to the Social Sciences Faculty Office for processing.

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Who is eligible for Exams Only?

Students will only be entitled to register for Exams Only in the following circumstances:

  • S/he has failed one or two of the final courses needed to complete the degree programme and obtained a mark of no less that 35% in each course.
  • S/he has obtained a medical certificate, certified by the University Health Centre.
  • In exceptional circumstances, the Dean may grant a student a deferral from sitting an exam and permission to take it on a subsequent occasion. Refer to Faculty Handbook for details.
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Where do I go if I want to challenge my final examination grades?

You may express your dissatisfaction with your results in writing to the Campus Registrar through the Examinations Section. You may do so within two weeks of publication of results. (Refer to Examination Regulations 2008-2009, Section VII, 142-152 to see what other options are available to you).

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Where should I go to check on the dates of my examinations?

Candidates are informed of the dates and times of written papers by means of the publications of the official examination timetable. This document is posted on the Official Examinations Notice Board located behind the Undercroft.

Candidates who are absent from an examination owing to a mis-reading of the timetable shall be liable to the normal penalties for absence from an examination and will have to await the next official sitting to take the examination. (Refer to Examination Regulations 2008-2009, Section V, 84-96).

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I have missed an examination, what options are available to me?

If you missed an examination for medical reasons, you should submit a signed medical certificate within seven days to the Examination Section of the Registry. You will likely be permitted to sit the exam at the next available sitting. (Refer to Examination Regulations, Section II, 17-32).

For any other reason, you would normally be obliged to register again for the full course. However, departments, upon being advised of the situation, have other discretionary options that may be applied. Refer to the current issue of the Faculty Handbook, Exams Only Regulations 11.2.

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