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Programme of Study

What is a Minor?

A Minor comprises a minimum of fifteen (15) credits in the subject area at Levels II and III.

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What is the difference between a major and a special?

A Major comprises a minimum of thirty (30) credits at Levels II and Level III in the subject area while a Special is made up of forty-five (45) credits at Level II and Level III in the subject area.

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Can I combine a special with a major?

Students reading for a special will not be allowed to read for a major. However, you may combine a special with a minor in any other discipline.

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How can I obtain a copy of the timetable?

A timetable is automatically generated after you have selected your courses online. Alternatively, you may view or print a copy of the timetable from the Faculty’s website via

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Am I allowed to substitute a course for another?

Course substitution refers to the replacement of a core course in a student’s programme of study. You must seek and obtain permission from the Faculty Office for such a replacement.

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What are the criteria for taking extra courses?

Additional courses are those taken in excess of the number of courses normally permitted in any semester or academic year.

Students may apply to take an extra course provided they meet the following criteria:

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Am I allowed to do another major or minor in another Faculty?

The Faculty usually encourages students to combine their major with a minor offered by another Faculty. We ask that you first select the major or minor online, then seek the permission of the Deans and Heads of Unit/Department of both Faculties. If permission is granted, the Head of Unit/Department you wish to enter is responsible for granting online approval.

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