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How is the course override granted and how long does it take?

Each lecturer actions their course override requests and it should take no more than 24 hours after the override request to be granted.

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What is the procedure for requesting a course Override?

If a student has received an error in trying to Add/Drop Classes due to non-fulfillment of pre-requisites or co-requisites, course quota or credit limit restrictions, the student may choose to proceed by requesting an override for that course by clicking on the Request Override link. Alternately, the student may go directly to request an override from the main menu using the following:

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Will I be able to add or drop a course after the registration deadline has passed?

Registration after the normal registration period may be permitted in exceptional circumstances. Application to add or drop a course may be made through the Faculty Office via the Automated Student Request System (ASRS) via Late registration attracts a financial penalty.

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I received a Campus Restriction error when I attempted to register, what does this mean?

A Campus Restriction error means that you have attempted to register for a course that is being taught at another campus. Please ensure that you are selecting a course that is being taught at the campus to which you are attached.

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How do I know which courses I am exempted from?

A student who has obtained Grades I to IV in the following CAPE subjects may receive exemptions without credit for the corresponding UWI Level 1 courses:

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Where do I go to apply for exemptions?

Applications for exemptions and credits must be made through the Faculty Office via the Automated Student Request Module (ASRM) via SAS.

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Will I receive credits for Foundation Courses?

Yes. You will earn 3 credits for each Foundation Course. These credits are University credits and do not go towards the Degree GPA but must be attained before your degree can be awarded.

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Is there a particular order in which I need to take courses?

Yes. Students are urged to complete courses offered at a lower level (i.e. Level 1) before attempting courses at higher levels (i.e., Levels 11 and 111). It is important to note that each degree programme consists of two parts.

Part 1 (or Year 1) consists of a minimum of 30 credits, normally ten (10) Level 1 three (3) credit courses. These include three (3) foundation courses, pre-requisite courses for Part II courses and/or free electives, and any other courses designated by your department which are not included in the above.

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