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Centre of Excellence

Welcome to the Centre of Excellence (CoE) at the Mona School of Business and Management (MSBM)!  As one of the five institutional pillars of MSBM,  the Center of Excellence seeks to provide activist leadership in realizing ICT-enabled business innovations, in the wider business community.

The CoE is a multi-disciplinary research and application-oriented technological environment for IT-Enabled Business Innovation

  • Multidisciplinary: Our targeted Innovation initiatives are not confined to specific business domains, but rather seek to harness the power of ICTs as well as leverage the rich knowledge resources of both staff and students from various disciplines within the UWI environment
  • Our focus is on  Application-Oriented Research that employs Design Science Methods in conceptualizing, building and disseminating ICT artifacts to solve real Business problems, and realize both Commercial Value as well as targeted Research Outcomes
  • ICT-Enabled Business Innovation: Our Goal is Business Improvement, with Technology (ICT)  being the means rather than the end.

Much of the CoE's emphasis relates to the use of FOSS - Free and Open Source Software, a phenomenon that has already dramatically changed the way that software is being developed and used across the World.

We are convinced that with FOSS, the Barriers to Entry for utilizing enhanced ICTs and the external Digital Divide can be considerably diminished thus creating real opportunities for business growth, increased productivity and innovation.
That is why our Vision and Conviction is that "The MSBM Centre of Excellence will become the preferred source of information, knowledge and expertise, within Jamaica and the Caribbean Region, about the application of Open Source Software to drive business innovation"

Our Services
The Information Systems function within the CoE provides desktop computing and classroom technology support for MSBM Staff and students, as well as implementation and operational support for business applications such as Banner-Financials,  OrangeHRM Human Resource Management System, the MSBM-ELS eLearning System, and others.

The Centre of Excellence also offers a range of services to SMEs and other Organizations interested in taking advantage of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) to enhance the effectiveness of their business operations. We have compiled a Small Business Solution Portfolio, that certifies and packages implementation support services for a select, best of breed range of FOSS solutions, applicable to core business functionality including office productivity, Intranet applications, Line of Business applications including inventory management, procurement & accounting (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and human resource management (HRM).

Our Projects
The Centre of Excellence is involved in a number of innovative projects that demonstrate the value of OpenSource tools and applications to rapidly develop and deliver business value. Some examples include:

  • The Jamaica Diaspora Portal: An innovative web-based portal developed in collaboration with the Jamaica Diaspora Institute, as part of the EC-UN funded "Knowledge Networks for Connecting Jamaica and its Diaspora" -
  • The MSBM Business Review Online: The Online Edition of the Mona School of Business and Management's acclaimed Business Review Publication, developed using the Drupal OpenPublish Distribution -
  • One Laptop per Child: The 1st official One Laptop per Child project in Jamaica, with the integrated deployment of 115 laptops, teacher training and curriculum content development at August Town Primary and Providence Methodist Basic schools -
  • IDRC-funded Implementation of a Proof of Concept OpenData Initiative in Agriculture -

Visit our "OpenForBusiness" Website that features more detailed information on the CoE's FOSS-related Business Projects and Research Initiatives.




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