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Diploma in Sports Management

Sports now play a central role in Caribbean societies not only as a vehicle for recreation and leisure but as a key contributor to national economic development and social advancement. The Sports sector in the Caribbean suffers, however, from a lack of professional management and this has served to stymie its development and consequently its contribution to the development of the region.

In response to the needs and challenges identified above, the MSBM, UWI, Mona campus in collaboration with various stakeholders has designed this Postgraduate diploma and M.Sc. in Sports Business Management. The programmes are broadly aimed at providing participants with the requisite educational background necessary for executive management and leadership positions in a variety of sport and recreational fields. The role of scholarship and focused disciplinary study will also be emphasized so as to prepare graduates to think conceptually and analytically and to positively impact professional practices and policies in the respective fields of sports and recreations.

Programme Overview and Objectives

This 12-month programme addresses the development of essential abilities, skills, and attitudes that will enable students to successfully deliver sport management services and events within a competitive marketplace. This translates into building the broader professional capacities associated with teamwork, critical thinking and reasoning, as well as abilities to solve complex problems with a good understanding of quantitative approaches/disciplines. Overall, graduates would gain significant benefits relating to improved knowledge base, sharper thinking and analytical skills; new subject-based ideas and practical skills; as well as research-related and general skills and competencies for life and work.

Upon successful completion of the Post-graduate Diploma, graduates should be able to:

  • Identify and evaluate recent challenges in sports participation and policies and their implications for sports business management; explain and analyze the relationship between goals, structure and administrative styles of sports organizations; and examine critically key issues and social trends affecting participation and involvement in sports in various cultural settings.
  • Apply theory to the context of managing sports organizations including the application and analysis of regulations relative to risk analysis, discrimination, labour issues and business agreements.
  • Demonstrate [through examination and research] mastery of technical, conceptual, and interpersonal skills which are necessary to be an effective manager in a variety of sports-related environments, including an understanding of sports to various governing bodies and their influences on operations and decision-making.

Prerequisites for Entry

Admission to the programme will be permitted to persons who:

  • Either possess a degree from the University of the West Indies or any other acceptable university and who demonstrate an interest in sports business management;
  • Or for those who do not possess a formal university degree but possess a record of active and extensive professional or/and senior experience in management and the management and administration of sports (approx. 5 years). No more than 50% of the cohort will comprise of students who do not possess a formal university degree.
  • And are successful at an interview to be conducted by a panel approved by the Office of Graduate Studies and Research.

 The diploma is a 21-credit programme comprised of the following:

  • SBSP6030 - Sport Marketing (3 credits) *
  • SBSP6040 - Sports and Events Management (3 credits) *
  • SBSP6060 - Law and Sports (3 credits)
  • SBSP6080 - Communication in Sports (3 credits)
  • SBSP6070 - Sports Facilities Management (3 credits)
  • SPSP6050 - Human Resource Management in Sports (3 credits)
  • SBSP6090 - Sports Tourism (3 credits)

 * These courses already exist and therefore the detailed course outline is not included in the document

Continuing from Diploma to MSc.

Successful completion of the Diploma programme does not guarantee admission to the MSc.

Students who have successfully completed the Postgraduate Diploma can return/continue to do an additional twenty-four (24) credits to complete the M.Sc. provided that the courses pursued in the postgraduate diploma were not completed more than five (5) years prior and provided that they have met the following requirements in their diploma:

  • Pass all Diploma courses, having had no more than one re-sit.
  • Obtain a minimum of 5 B+s
  • In cases where the student does not have first degree but has met requirements 1. and 2., they will be assessed by a panel to determine whether their experience along with their performance in the Diploma warrants a place in the M.Sc.

Students who complete the Postgraduate Diploma more than five (5) years prior will not be automatically admitted but will be considered on a case by case basis. There are no specific programme regulations which differ from the general regulations covering graduate programmes.

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