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Appreciation Series

The MSBM Appreciation Series™ is a suite of one day courses to aid in your journey towards professional advancement. These courses offer an introduction to specialized business processes and topics. Participants can expect to better understand and apply the methods and techniques learnt to their various job functions.


This 6-hour certificate course introduces participants to the Fundamentals of Project Management. At the end of the Course, participants should be able to understand the foundational elements necessary for working in, and understanding the discipline of project management. Participants will also look at, amongst other areas, the project life cycle, the project management process groups, and the project management knowledge areas.
Course Outline

Critical Thinking is a mental process of acquiring, analysing and evaluating information, while Argument is a communication exercise that seeks to find the best answer for problem solution leading to effective decision-making. This is a skills-building workshop designed to expand your existing knowledge and introduce you to new concepts and methodologies to improve your evaluative and decision-making abilities. Upon completion of this Workshop, participants should be able to apply the principles of critical thinking to write more effectively for desired results, as well as use persuasive strategies and techniques to facilitate effective, results driven decision-making.

Course Outline

This Course aims to equip non-financial officers with knowledge in core financial principles and improve their financial decision making in this ever-changing business environment. This Course will help officers to understand how the decisions they make will affect the financial performance of their organization. At the end of this Course participants will be equipped with a clear understanding of the business of finance as well as how to interpret financial statements such as: Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Forecasts, Risk Analysis and Breakeven figures.

Course Outline

This Course is designed for new and existing business owners and entrepreneurs interested in how to write a business plan. The Course will cover the fundaments of writing a business plan; such as the rationale, importance, benefits and the components of a business plan. Participants will acquire the competencies to use various tools and resources in writing their own business plan.

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This Course introduces participants to relationship marketing and seeks to immerse them in content and scenarios that will add immediate value to you personally and most definitely to the customers and stakeholders in your current or prospective business.
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The aim of this Course is to enhance and improve the basic knowledge and use of personal productivity software, generally available in software office suites, which include spreadsheet and word processing software.

Course Outline

This Course looks in detail at the activities required for the effective performance of retail Sales

team members and is based on practices observed by successful Sales Professionals. The objectives

are to help Sales Professionals develop and sustain key activities and behaviours that will enhance

needs-based collaborative selling skills and relationship building, focusing on the proactive activities

and practices that nurture client satisfaction and loyalty, and provide mutually beneficial solutions.

This will ultimately result in increased share of wallet and a win-win-win situation for Sales

Professionals, their organization, and their clients.

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