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Amid The Rip Van Winkle Sleeping Virus-Zzz20

Regrettably I missed one article for Public Opinion  and believe me, the feeling is similar to falling asleep before a Category 5 hurricane, and then waking up to a scene of utter destruction. This is the Rip Van Winkle sleeping virus-zzz20. This is the Jamaica that we live in and there is no time for contemplation of issues in any structured way. So here is what I have missed, and by the time you read this there will be an equally long but different list.

The debate continued about the eligibility, fairness, equity, and excuses as to what should have been the punishment of the young US sprinter, Sha’Carri Richardson and how it could affect her future. The dialogue makes little reference to other athletes who may have been similarly affected in the recent past, especially as many overseas competitors have been hoping that the ganja usage would affect Jamaican athletes. But we extend to the young and promising athlete our sympathy on the tragic loss of her mother.

The Olympiad in Tokyo continues in typical Shakespearian mode with the dialogue being “to be or not to be, that is the question”. The Japanese people are nervous and many are against the holding of the Games; sponsors are concerned and divided about monetary losses and reputational losses if they force the issues; and the performers and their coaches and families are beginning to show signs of fear in the face of new COVID-19 strains.

The Olympic Games have many billions of US dollar denominated investment and debt. Borrowers and lenders must be looking for revenues that will not be forthcoming. The type of risk will probably not be secured through insurance policies as this may fall under the Act of God clause; or may not even be considered for placement as the existence of COVID-19 was known since 2019. So there could be some serious economic fallout, as well as corporate losses. The likelihood of the Games continuing seems to be 50:50 and we may not get to see our stars perform, but at least they may escape Tokyo safely.

One Jamaican footballer has been diagnosed with COVID-19 at the CONCACAF Gold Cup despite the ultra-precautions that were or should have been taken.

The British Health Minister had to resign over COVID-19 breaches (or so they say), and his successor now had COVID (unrelated). An MP is rumoured to be completing marriage plans to his “beloved”, and I hope they will be happy sharing the three-pronged throne.

We had a near miss with a hurricane/tropical storm but the water damage continues to wreak havoc on roads; drainage systems; unpaved gullies; retaining walls; squatter settlements, and hillside dwellings. It was thankfully only an awakening/warning of more devastating things to come.

Freight rates from the Far East have risen from about US$2,000 per container to about US$15,000 – US$17,000 per container. This has the potential to increase the price of imported finished goods and raw materials. So a well thought out plan is vital and essential.

That seems to be the end of the relatively “neutral news” segment.

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Article and Photo from: Public Opinion

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