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By Any Means Possible: The Janelle Brown Story

Janelle Brown was born to succeed. With an associate's degree in building technology, a bachelor's degree in architectural studies, and a master's in business administration, 32-year-old Brown had to endure many bumps and bruises before finding her place as head of marketing at Honey Bun Limited.

At the age of three, Brown and her family migrated to the United States, where her parents worked tirelessly to ensure that she and her sister could have a better life. Having to contend with issues of racism and inequality, Brown and her family faced many trials but were able to persevere, and returned to Jamaica in 1991.

In Jamaica, Brown had a lot of adjustments to make. The education system was different, and her accent separated her from her peers. Nevertheless, Brown worked hard and was selected by Conde Nast Traveller to represent Jamaica in its 'My Caribbean Essay' competition in The Bahamas. She also won a government scholarship to Immaculate Conception High School. There, she was successful in 11 subjects, including technical drawing, and won a scholarship to attend pre-college - the Loomis Chaffee School in Connecticut.


Growing up with a grandmother who was an art teacher, Brown spent much of her time painting. "I remember always begging Mommy for the newspaper to spread it across the veranda to paint. I would also take out the cardboard that comes in the stocking package to draw on it with Mommy's lipstick or pen during church. I was always drawing," she told Flair.

When Brown completed her pre-college studies, she wanted to explore her passion for the arts. Though her mother did not agree with her choice, she encouraged her to apply to art schools. After applying to more than 20 schools, Brown was accepted to 10, including her first choice - Rhode Island School of Design.

Janelle Brown is a MSBM alum, she holds an MBA with a specialization in Marketing.

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