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Are we willing to Reform out of experience or good sense?

In 2014, I wrote to the Electoral Commission asking for a discussion on reform in four areas. These were:

1. Automatic Voter Registration: would have a non-partisan basis and an inalienable right for every Jamaican who might be subjects of intimidation by party activists/goons and “voting in absentia”. This would greatly confuse the so-called pollsters as anyone can decide/exercise their right on the day rather than being disenfranchised.

2. NOTA (None of the above) give an option when faced with unacceptable/corrupt candidates. It sends a direct message to Parties that perhaps they need to clean up their acts, and a possibility that by voting in this way could out number partisan votes.

3. Fit and Proper certification for all candidates could be supportive of the efforts of the Integrity Commission to clean out the habitually recalcitrant. We need trustworthy representatives who can lead a rebirth of integrity and hope for the future.

4. Publishing Political Parties Audited Accounts would perhaps sober the big contributors both legal and illegal. OLINT would have had to pay all investors, and the poor would have got some relief; the individual politicians would have been exposed and after returning the money would only share pari passu with the ordinary men and women who lost everything.

To my complete surprise the Commission acknowledged my letter and invited me to a meeting, and I humbly accepted. It was a cordial meeting and my opinions were discussed, and I was even offered some refreshment. Their reluctance at that time stemmed from a need for Constitutional Reforms that neither Party was anxious to entertain, even as they saw it as a necessary move forward.

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Article from: Public Opinion

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