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Beyond January 20, 2021

“The strife is o’er the battle won; the victory of life is done; Alleluia.”

And so it seems for the elections in the United States and so far there have been no violent clashes between armed militia of either side. I hope that this status will remain, and that there will be some basis for rapprochement between those “warring tribes” who are determined to make race; gender; and lifestyle choices compete with some fundamental and cultural beliefs. So all is not yet settled.

The underlying principles are, and have been manifesting themselves for several decades, and, are not going anywhere. Some of the clues lie in understanding the concept of particular human groups’ exercise of power, usually referred to as “building Empires”, or minority groups taking subtle control.

At the very base was domination of other peoples and nations by military force and subjugation. History has been replete with examples whose rise and fall were recorded prior to and by the Old Testament, and the writings of other religious texts, historians, and scholars. Many so-called Empires lasted only decades but due to the life expectancy of those days may have seemed to have been centuries. So eventually they became lost and sometimes irrelevant to modern historians.

Attention shifted seemingly because of the growth and influence of the level of domination that stretched across warring tribes over a much wider area. These were supported by developing systems of common governance; political thought; science and technology; and developed systems of slavery, benevolent slavery, religious conversion, and participatory citizenship.

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Article from: Public Opinion

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