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Big Data: Capabilities, Attitudes & Value Opportunities – A Business Survey Report

Three faculty members from Mona School of Business and Management (MSBM) Drs. Lila Rao-Graham, Suzana Russell and Maurice McNaughton conducted a study earlier in 2020 which sought to determine Big Data capabilities, attitudes and value opportunities among Jamaican organizations across the public and private sectors.

Findings and insights from the Study indicate significant value opportunities for Jamaican organizations to work in collaboration with academia to fully exploit their Big Data assets. In addition, it generated useful insights and perspectives on how local organizations in both the public and private sectors can begin to develop strategies to pursue real business value opportunities from this important resource.

Key insights of the Study include:

  • Emerging opportunities for Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) initiatives that can contribute to the national digital infrastructure;
  • Recommendations for how the private sector can collaborate with academia to develop the cultural orientation and skills required to harness value opportunities and build organizational commitment towards exploiting big data assets.

The value of Data as an organizational asset has been amplified even moreso, by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. As countries and organizations begin to prepare for a new business and economic environment post-COVID, we look forward to facilitating the kinds of public-private collaboration that can contribute to building the national digital infrastructure and helping to harvest value from big data assets for both public and private sector partners.

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