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The Burning Deck

By the time you read this, general election results would be known and I have no way of knowing the results as I am writing on the day after the final political debate between the two leaders of the major parties, five days before E-Day.

It is important that we look at the three sets of debates as it is the first time that those interactions have been seen without the usual intervention of the mass meetings. They were orderly, mainly respectful, except for innuendos, and not interrupted by the intermittent blasts from the sound systems or the vuvuzelas, together providing momentary euphoria.

I was personally disappointed by the first two, but I found the third and final with the two leaders quite instructive. The campaigns were not just noise, but substance was introduced and the public could see and hear above the din. Marked differences in leadership styles emerged and would have provided insight for the electorate.

The outcome at party celebrations will further enhance victory or defeat madness and further spread COVID-19. The proof of true leadership would come at both party headquarters on Thursday night when results were announced and feelings bust loose. We will either see calm, or a return to COVID-19 spreading. Already we are finding the detected cases growing each day and threatening all gains previously made through distancing. May God protect all of us and in particular those who worked on Election Day.

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Article from: Public Opinion

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