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Craig Williams - Man With A Plan

When it comes to serious business, Craig R. Williams is the man to know. Currently the Group Research Analyst at Seprod, the 37-year-old manages the corporate communications and digital marketing for Seprod's 18 consumer brands. But he wasn't always this 'responsible'.

A man born under the clock, his childhood was that of the average Jamaican boy. In short, adventurous, supportive, and instructive.

As a student of Kingston College (KC), Williams was interested in only three things, maths, sleep, and reading Superman comics that has paved the way for the creative solutions and logical thinking he has to do on a regular basis. As for those regular naps, he dreamt of one day becoming the governor of Bank of Jamaica (BOJ).

KC, he shared "was the best seven years of my life. The boys there helped to mould and shape me into the person I am today". Outside of home, Williams found a brotherhood that showed him it was OK to be himself and would often protect him like big brothers. And for the clumsy bookworm, he was grateful.

By sixth form, Williams had traded in his comics for articles written by Jamaica Tourist Board's Dennis Morrison and was confident more than ever that he wanted to become a director of JTB if not the governor of BOJ.

A firm believer of making a plan and sticking to it thanks to his parents, by the time of he went to University of the West Indies, he was a very focused individual. He subsequently became the holder of a bachelor of science degree in economics and got settled. One degree down, on to the next, as his prestigious posts required a master's. He began the master's programme in economics, but later took a leave of absence as his immediate family decided to migrate.

Craig Williams is a MSBM Alum, he holds a MBA with a specialization in International Business and currently serves as Social Media Facilitator on the MSBM Alumni Association's Executive.

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