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Developing innovation, entrepreneurship and technology for global competitiveness

Physical borders are no longer barriers and competitors anywhere can enter new markets with highly innovative products and services, so implicit in the conference theme is the notion that innovation and technology can be harnessed as drivers to overcome the challenges of global competitiveness faced by firms and that new paradigms of entrepreneurship are necessary to seize the opportunities and overcome the threats emerging in local and foreign markets.

But we are living in exciting and challenging times. We are in a technology-enabled world where we no longer need road maps to travel anywhere, because we have a GPS to tell us where and when to turn with unerring accuracy. We no longer need travel agents. We board planes without boarding passes. We transact activities easily without cash. We connect readily with family and our 5,000 personal friends on social media, knowing everything about everything through google and other search engines.

Is it possible that the more we connect, the less we really communicate, as we are inundated with a rapid succession of Tweets or improvised communications by everyone, including world leaders and other decision-makers? Do we even talk to our children and our families anymore, as everyone is fully wired to the Internet?

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