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Forum on Jamaica’s Social Partnership and its implications for growth and development of the economy

Mona School of Business and Management (MSBM), The Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) and Jamaicans United for Sustainable Development (JUSD) are jointly hosting a special high level Forum on Jamaica’s Social Partnership and its implications for growth and development of the economy.

The main presenters, Prof. Alvin Wint, Professor of International Business UWI and Member Coordinating Committee of the Partnership Council, Mr. Christopher Zacca, President PSOJ, Dr. Indianna Minto Coy, Deputy Director, Mona ICT Policy Centre (UWI) and Ms Nadeen Spence, UWI Lecturer and member of the 51% Coalition form a distinguished group drawn from Academia, Business and Civil Society advocates mirroring the composition and spirit of the Social partnership itself.

The seminar is scheduled for Thursday, October 24, 2013 and will be held at the Faculty of Law Building, UWI, Mona at 6:00pm.

The public is invited to attend this forum , which will be another in a series of recent successful events presented by these partners, designed to examine some of the most important social issues in the country. The open discussion format amongst those who participate has led to a greater flow of information to the public and the development and refinement of solutions for better management and greater transparency across all the dominant social and economic sectors in the country

Previous forums have been, A Civil Society Summit, The Budget-The Debt- The future, An Economic Action Plan for Jamaica and Tax Reform. Now there will be an examination and break down of the Social Partnership, recently put in place by the Government with the full support of the major institutions and players in business, academia, the trade unions and civil society groups. Already, the Social Partnership has uncovered the need for greater cooperation amongst members and leaders in society if the country is to move forward rapidly, encouraging new and old business institutions towards greater levels of production and to highlight the necessity for greater efficiency and effective management in the public sector.

The “Social Partnership & Implications For Our Growth Agenda In Jamaica”, is therefore according to the organizers, a timely and vital discussion that must be held now. Of special interest will be the input from Lecturer at the UWI Mona Campus, Dr. Indiana Minto-Coy who will be looking at models of Social Partnerships that have delivered success in other countries around the world. The other three presenters, Prof. Alvin Wint, Ms. Nadeen Spence and Christopher Zacca are all integral and important members of the Social Partnership of Jamaica.

It is anticipated that issues surrounding the state of the economy, the IMF agreement, as well as current levels of production and the much announced development of the MSME sector will be raised for discussion. This will not however overshadow an appraisal and report on the proposed mega – development projects in energy - the 360MW plant, the logistics and trans-shipment hubs and ICT expansion. Jobs, employment opportunities and the difficulty in doing business are issues that will also find themselves high on the agenda for debate and discussion.

Members of the Partnership Council are expected to attend as well as a wide cross section of business, trade union and civil society leaders. All invitees who attend the Seminar will be able to register from 5.00pm for a 6.00pm opening at The Faculty Of Law Building on the western side of the main Ring Road on the UWI Mona Campus.

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