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Gabrielle Waite - A young glamtrepreneur’s story

‘Gabby Glam Co’, ‘Carnival Glam Hub’ , ‘Glam Con’: Do these business ventures ring a bell?

“For as long as I can remember, I just wanted to be a corporate girl.” Words of 23-year-old ‘glam boss’, Gabrielle Waite.

If you have been an avid social media user for the past three years, you would have witnessed the rise of a stunning, young girl boss in the local beauty industry.

Raised by both parents in Kingston city as an only child, Waite spent all her school years at Wolmer’s – pre, prep and high schools. She even describes herself as ‘bleeding maroon and gold’. Of course, soon after her time there, goals in hand, she headed to The University of the West Indies where she pursued a double major in finance and marketing.

“During university, I was introduced to a youth marketing agency by the name of UCA, and they exposed me to the marketing world. It was with them that I noticed my creativity and capabilities to become my own boss,” she recounted.

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Article from: The Gleaner

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