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Getting The Best From Homeporting

I begin by saying that over the past two weeks I have lost friends to COVID-19, and others, including family members, admitted to hospital, and yet other friends have been discharged. To all those who have lost dear ones I extend my deepest sympathy and for those recovering, you are in my thoughts and prayers. To everyone, please register to get the vaccine as this pandemic is far from finished with us.

I also extend my sympathy to our Caribbean family in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and I hope that volcanic activity will cease before their beautiful islands are more severely ravaged. This seemingly far away eruption has been seriously affecting neighbouring Barbados and St. Lucia, but will eventually affect others with ash. Many air routes will have to be adjusted in order to avoid ash clouds and other dangers. Serious relief efforts by sea will have to be undertaken.

Here in Jamaica I noticed an announcement from the Minister of Tourism to the effect that a cruise shipping line will be making Jamaica the homeport for one of its cruise ships. Further investigation reveals that similar arrangements may be made in Barbados and possibly St. Lucia. This is good news for the Caribbean as long as we plan carefully and negotiate accordingly. I will offer a few suggestions:

  1. Let us ensure that we negotiate a firm agreement that offers a win/win. Jamaica does need cruise shipping and the nature of the arrangement should clearly offer mutual advantages that are greater to those who homeport rather than those that merely use us.

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Article & Photo from: Public Opinion 

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