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Going For Growth On Education

The job of being a minister of finance in Jamaica must be an unenviable one. Trying to grow the Jamaican economy, behave fiscally responsible, generate macroeconomic stability, among other imperatives, is not a simple task.

Given the many problems in Jamaica exacerbated by some structural deficiencies, the job must require long days and lonely nights for the minister. There clearly has to be something that motivates the holder of this office, besides the salary, to want to get up and go to work every day.

To pay less than US$100,000 per annum to a minister of finance who has the difficult task of growing a difficult economy like Jamaica's is a joke taken too far. We need to pay our public servants well; and when they do not deliver the outputs, we fire them without warning. We cannot, however, expect to compensate people poorly but expect performance to be above efficiency.

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