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Google launches Caribbean School of Data with J'can partners and the Caribbean Open Institute (COI) have joined forces to help reduce the digital divide in the region.

Specifically, the organisations are seeking to empower youth populations of the Caribbean that are detached from the educational systems and the workforce through open data management. will support the COI to deploy the Caribbean School of Data (CSOD), an educational initiative that will develop a comprehensive and sustainable "data literacy" programme for underserved populations in Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Guyana, Haiti , Saint Lucia and Puerto Rico generating greater awareness, skills, competencies and capabilities around data science, creating employment skills for the digital age.

COI partners, Mona School of Business and Management (MSBM) and The SlashRoots Foundation (SRFDN) attracted grant funding and active support from the for this initiative at the local level.

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Article from: Loop

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