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Google, Mona School of Business to teach unattached youth data, technology skills

Technology giant Google has lent its might to empowering unattached Caribbean and Central American youth by providing them with digital and data skills through a programme called Caribbean School of Data.

The plan is to enable, over a period of two years, the training of at least 1,500 disadvantaged young men and women, aged 18-29 in seven countries in topics ranging from data literacy to advanced data management skills, visualisation, integration, and analysis.

“The training is aligned with the needs of the domestic and global online labour markets to ensure graduates acquire new job competencies,” the partners have said.

Caribbean School of Data is a partnership between and the Caribbean Open Institute (COI). The regional launch took place in the Dominican Republic on September 12, while the Jamaica launch was last Tuesday, October 1.

In Jamaica, the programmes will be implemented by Mona School of Business and Management (MSBM) and SlashRoots Foundation.

According to Dr Maurice McNaughton, Director of the Centre for Excellence at MSBM, the data school is a concept that grew out of research and development work carried out over the past several years through the COI with various partners across the Caribbean.

“Across the region we are data poor...with limited access to high quality, locally relevant, openly accessible data, and a culture that does not consider data as an economic asset nor exploits it sufficiently to create value for businesses, and improve service delivery in the public sector,” McNaughton said.

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Article from: Jamaica Observer 

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