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Granny’s Remedy

Across the world, most countries are subject to varying natural disasters that are life-threatening and usually of high probabilities, bearing in mind their geological conditions and climate. Many of these are clearly defined and even explained in insurance policies. What do I mean? Well, Jamaica may not have to insure against snow storms, and the mid-Canadians may not insure against hurricanes. However, it is fair to assume that nearly all regions have their own perils.

Now we can add to the list biological disasters. Cholera, smallpox, polio, varying flu viruses, chick-v, zika, and others forgotten or yet to be discovered have invaded our lives. For many of these, they are not predictable by region, climate, geo-physical characteristics, or plant life. As they cannot be seen by the naked eye, they surround us without our knowledge, and pop out dramatically like the serial killer in a horror movie like Michael Myers in 10 sequels.

These disparate disasters have a few things in common; but the most usual factor is that “seeing is believing”. Put another way, if you haven’t experienced it you are inclined to ignore or fail to treat it seriously.

For those who have never experienced a major hurricane, it may arrive in the middle of a “hurricane party” and people will be trapped. Also, a tsunami warning after a major earthquake may not be the best time to go surfing and catch the big waves.

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Article from: Public Opinion

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