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Heavy Rains Highlight the Treadmill of Corruption

The recent heavy rains across the island have exposed our dirty underwear or at least our dirty infrastructure in so many ways. The practices over the decades have been corrupted by political savagery to divide even reputable professional practitioners by party and government work given out to loyalists.

The fear of being arbitrarily excluded from the tender process and its often well “engineered” outcomes has put professional qualification, achievement, and integrity below the exigencies of “no work” as a form of punishment to those not flaunting the parties’ colours.

Women and men, who have studied and practiced their hard won qualifications excellently, are suddenly reduced to common mendicancy and groveling. What then I ask is their moral value if standards, safety, and design, are simply reduced to the whims and fancies of corrupt overlords? That to me is a re-acceptance of slavery, tyranny, and unjustified punishment. I thought that we rejoiced at Emancipation and Independence, but what a mistake.

Engineers build roads that they know will fail; gullies that must break away; and lay pipes that will cause roads and hillsides to collapse. Then they do it all again for more money and more payouts to corrupt influencers. Perhaps these poor performances deny them the opportunity to bid for internationally funded contracts as they discovered with the extension and repairs to Norman Manley and Sangster airports.

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Article from: Public Opinion 

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