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The Importance of Scheduling: Preventing our own Demise

The concepts of efficiency, productivity, adaptation, change, and scheduling are all connected as a country or company tries to grow. We talk about the first four every day, ad nauseum, and overlook the fifth, that is scheduling. We carefully avoid that in our conversations as it really protects mediocrity and allows the blame to be shifted.

I remember the huge outcry when HiLo Supermarkets pioneered the Sunday opening concept. The outcry from the churches subsided when it was found to be very popular with church goers after service, and allowed Saturday worshipers to have work on Sunday to Thursday.

The independent supermarkets (mainly Jamaicans of Chinese heritage) also stopped their objections when they realized that Sunday opening was practiced by their forefathers in the original rural shops. The Government, in the face of popular opinion amended the law. Sure I was vilified, but today when Sunday opening is providing service to consumers, the vilification is seemingly forgotten and I am again received as a friend.

However for many important sectors they are unable to do this, but let us look at where scheduling seems to be necessary but is not seen as a logistical science.

Take schools, and in particular High Schools. 1500-2000 students in 5-7 grade levels with 5-7 streams in each of the first 5 grades (7-11). Grades generally offering 8-18 subjects, taught at specific levels by 100-130 teachers, in inadequate classroom spaces that require the movement of students to labs and special focus rooms. We take it for granted but the mathematical algorithm hurts my brain. How about yours? Yet they do it regularly.

Take the now defunct Air Jamaica or multiply that scale by one thousand times and say American Airlines. Planes fly 24/7/365 to thousands of destinations. The number of aircraft is not equal to the destinations or frequency of flights per day and per week or month or season. Personnel include pilots and flight attendants, whose working hours are governed by international regulations and must comply.

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