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JCC merges awards and charity events to commemorate 240 years

The Jamaica Chamber of Commerce celebrates its 240th year anniversary this year under the theme “Celebrating History and Heralding the Future”.

To commemorate this significant milestone, the annual awards and charity event will be merged together in celebration of centuries of boldly executing the mandate of the JCC and the foundation’s role over the last 35 years in empowering the youth of the inner city communities.

“Times of reflection always cause persons to ponder the future. In similar fashion, as the chamber attained it’s 240th year as an institution dedicated to the growth of Jamaica, many of us paused to reflect on the many achievements of the Chamber and at the same time reaffirm the need to play our part in continuing the shaping of the future Jamaica,” said President of the JCC, Lloyd Distant Jr.

He added: “This year, as we recognise the institutions that represent the best of the current chamber, we will also take the time to honour those who have been instrumental in creating the foundations on which the current JCC stands, while we work on building the pillars for Jamaica 2030 and beyond.”

Director of the JCC Sameer Younis Foundation, Jason Younis said this year marks a milestone for the voice of business in Jamaica.

“The JCC celebrates it’s 240th anniversary. For this momentous occasion we bring together two events recognizing the “best” organizations and funding charitable works. Creating and maintaining a sustainable, economical and, most importantly, socially responsible business environment in Jamaica is at the top of our list. We are happy to celebrate our achievements thus far in this way, whilst looking towards an even brighter future.”

In selecting a winner from each category, the overall performance of the companies during the year 2018 will be evaluated.  This will include areas such as, financial performance, business growth and innovation, Human Resource Development, CSR and Community Outreach. These awards will recognise and reward the efforts of   the nominated companies and their staff. 

As is customary, each year the JCC recognises and honours businesses and entrepreneurs who have excelled in meeting their corporate goals and objectives over the last year. At the 2019 launch and nominee announcement event held at the JCC’s Headquarters, this year’s nominees were announced in all the following categories:

2019 Nominees

Best of Chamber - Small:

Delta Supply Co. Ltd, GeoTech; Vision, iPrint Digital; Mona School of Business & Management.

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Article from: Loop 

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