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The KINGSTON Interview: Stephen Davidson opens up about his passions and personal growth, life lessons learnt, and the road ahead

In conversation, Stephen Davidson enjoys taking a trip down memory lane. And whether he’s reminiscing about those wonderful years at St. George’s College, remaining tight with former co-workers at VMBS or growing up with a single mom, his recollections are rich with insight and remarkable candour. As they say, he’s come a long way, eventually rising to assume the post of Head of Marketing & PR at the country’s premier cultural agency, the JCDC, a job he loves so much it doesn’t feel like work. At 35, Stephen wants nothing more than to continue promoting Jamaican culture to the world while indulging his passion for education and personal development. KINGSTON sat down with him at his Phoenix Avenue office recently to hear about the experiences that come with life in his orbit. 

KINGSTON: This year brings the JCDC’s 55th anniversary, and the agency has designed a cool logo to commemorate the occasion. What does this moment mean for the cultural agency? 
Stephen Davidson: It really means that we have been around for 55 years, since Jamaica became independent, contributing significantly to the country’s growth and development. So, as the premier cultural commission, our national contribution has involved not just social development but also the economic development. And we continue to impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of Jamaicans because our most important resource is our people. So we’re helping to build Jamaica by investing in its citizens. 

KINGSTON: Jamaicans always look forward to the Emancipendence festivities that the JCDC is centrally involved in organizing. What plans are afoot to make this year’s activities equally memorable? 
SD: We are still reviewing and finalizing those plans. We have some new events to be announced – the Big Stage competition will have a national finals and there will be a culinary arts showcase with some of the best recipes and dishes from over the years at the Jamaica Pegasus. Plus, the usual activities at the Independence Village. The full calendar is to be announced at the end of June. 

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