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Lanae: Look at home too

Charity begins at home, says on-the-rise singjay Lanae.

She believes Jamaicans with wherewithal, be it entertainers or celebrities, ought to focus greater efforts on tackling poverty and social issues in Jamaica, rather than seeking to solve problems abroad. She scoffs at such gestures as “a blatant publicity grab”.

“Jamaican celebrities need to help locals who are destitute in Jamaica before they seek to send help overseas just for publicity sake. I empathise with the people of The Bahamas at this time, and feel that as a country, we should help out, but celebrities should try to put Jamaica first. Why? On a daily basis, I see so much suffering and poverty in Jamaica, the homeless people, families struggling to send their kids to school, the destitute and the sick, and sometimes, I feel that these celebrity gestures of help to overseas people, with whom they have no connection, is just a way to gain followers on their IG pages,” she told the Jamaica Observer's Splash.

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Article from: Jamaica Observer

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