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MBA students partner with private sector to solve organizations’ problems

Following a comprehensive review of the MBA programme in 2015, a Compulsory MBA Final Paper which includes students interacting with industry stakeholders to solve real business problems has been incorporated in the new MBA curriculum.

The MBA Final Paper or Field Project is designed to provide an opportunity for students to put into practice the principles that have been studied in the concept phase of the MBA programme. Together with the participating organization, the students will work to devise solutions for real life problems in the organizations. Student teams will be paired with an organization in either the private, public or non-governmental sector.

The project will be jointly managed by Mona School of Business and Management (MSBM) and the participating organization.

The new MBA programme was introduced in August 2016 and the first group of students to participate in the Field Project began their engagement in September 2017 at Grace Kennedy Ltd.

According to Mr. Christopher Lai, Business Development Officer at Grace Kennedy,  “The group operated primarily as consultants and their recommendations/solutions were innovative. In addition to doing an outstanding job, they also contributed meaningfully to my professional development. Overall, this was a great experience and, definitely, beneficial to Grace Kennedy.”

In preparation for the placement of the next cohort of students, meetings were held with members of the private sector in both Kingston and Montego Bay on November 30 and December 14 respectively.  The response was overwhelming and it is expected that approximately 35 groups will be placed as of January 2018.

This programme is geared towards helping MSBM to be a solution-oriented school of business and management as it provides an opportunity for students to engage with industry practitioners to solve real world business problems.  By participating in this programme, our graduates will develop a broadened and deeper outlook for a global environment, keen observation skills and an ability to connect seemingly disparate data, and situations. This is therefore a win- win for the student, organization and the School.

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