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Mona School of Business and Management Graduate Students participate in University at Buffalo, School of Management Global Leadership Programme

Joelle Fontaine and Gerron Thomas, graduate students of Mona School of Business and Management (MSBM) recently completed a year-long online Global Leadership Programme offered by the University at Buffalo, USA.

Coordinated by the School of Management  at the University at Buffalo, the programme exposes students from Ghana, Jamaica, Kenya, and Latvia to a myriad of global issues, in so doing, helping to broaden their vision, perspective and leadership skills. Through  the programme, participants are encouraged to understand their own leadership preferences and styles while working with peers from different parts of the world. The students were challenged to adopt a critical aproach to course content and to recognize the opportunities available to encourage leadership in their networks both locally and globally.

Gerron who is employed as  Group Risk Manager, Grace Kennedy Limited is currently enrolled in the MSc Corporate Finance Programme and was very effusive in his praise for the Global Leadership programme.  In speaking of the impact of the programme he stated: “This programme was extremely timely and beneficial to me over the last year. Leadership was an area of development in my current work performance plan, and as a leader within such a complex business, I learnt a lot, especially on how to lead within intricate and diverse situations. This applies to my current job situation and notably, I have received feedback on my growth over the past year. My intent is to now execute on my personal development action plan, which was one of the key deliverables for the programme”.

Equally enthusiastic and gushing in her praise for the programme , Joelle Fontaine, Brand Manager at CB Group [Food Distribution & Plants Divisions] and MBA student indicated the highlight of the programme for her:

“The programme allowed for interaction amongst participants from other countries and fostered deeper socio-cultural understanding through the application of group contexts. It also provided a channel for the development of self-awareness as a leadership skill through consistent journaling. This exercise had us incorporate and interpret the results from several self-assessments to better understand the reasons for our behaviours and decision-making over the period.”

Dorothy Siaw-Asamoah, Faculty Director of Global Programs/Clinical Associate Professor from the University at Buffalo School of Management explained that  the Global Leadership programme demonstrates a dual impact through (a) the positive impact students will see in themselves  through greater self- awareness and better understanding of the world around them  and  (b) the positive impact they  can have in their community.  She further stated " In addition to the engagement of course content, students will apply their learning through the direct engagement of diverse discussions and deliberations and upon completion, they receive a micro credential issued by the University at Buffalo, School of Management on their Linkedin profile".

The next cohort of MSBM  students will begin in September 2021 through to June 2022 and based on the feedback and performance of the inaugural group of two students, ten students will be included in the upcoming cohort, some of whom will be sponsored by The National Association of Jamaican and Supportive Organizations.

MSBM is pleased to partner with the University at Buffalo, School of Management and views partnerships of this nature as not only important for the development of our students but also for the strategic positioning of the School as we forge international partnerships to enhance our value proposition.

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