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More ZOSOs needed - Expert urges broadening of crime strategy; wants more emphasis on 'build' phase

One of the country's leading experts on crime, Professor Anthony Clayton, has recommended a broader reach of the enhanced security measures now in effect in some areas across the country, to further reduce crime and violence.

However, he would prefer more emphasis placed on the touted 'build' phase of the zone of special operation (ZOSO) initiative, to turn around communities folding under the pressure of crime and violence.

Professor Clayton, speaking at a public forum on 'Crime & Productivity: The Impact of Electricity Theft' held at the University of the West Indies Regional headquarters in St Andrew earlier this week, acknowledged the reduction in murders so far this year, compared to last year, but stressed that more work was needed for further decrease.

"Since the beginning of the year, serious and violent crimes are down by 20 per cent in this country and that is very largely attributable to the ZOSO and the state of public emergencies," he said.

"But they are in just two to four very limited areas. If we were to take activities like these and scale them up, you could actually do much more to really transform the situation of this country."

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