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MSBM Alumni Association hosts Professional Development Seminar

As part of the Institution’s continued strategy to encourage lifelong learning, including personal and professional development, among its graduates, Mona School of Business and Management’s (MSBM) Alumni Association hosted a professional development seminar on June 30, 2021 which featured Mayple Dorrington – Toronto-based strategist and banking specialist and a graduate of MSBM who presented on “Does your Brand tell your Story?”. The Session - specially developed for MSBM Alumni - cemented the fact that branding matters and provided guidance in terms of synchronizing the elements of personal brand identity.

Over 70 persons were in attendance and participated in the interactive and self-reflective online Session; which was chaired by MSBM MBA Alum and Attorney at Law/Media Practitioner, Melissa Chin Chablal. Participants explored and examined several questions like, "Do you wonder how your network views you?" and "Are you aware of the strength of your presence?".

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