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MSBM and Mona Social Services Donate Chairs to August Town Primary

As part of its community outreach efforts MSBM supported by Mona Social Services donated 20 combination desk/chairs to the August Town Primary School On Friday April 17 .Morlton Wilson , principal of the 300 student school was happy to receive the gift saying " We are grateful and excited that MSBM thought of us.”

Outreach within August Town, which borders on the property of the Mona Campus, is a major part of the  UWI's community service thrust. Mona Social Services continues to work closely with members of the August Town community in order to identify and help to fill needs of residents. The August Town Primary School had identified a need for age appropriate furniture for its students, and MSBM was able to supply them with excess chairs from the MSBM North campus.

“These chairs will be especially good for our GSAT students, as many of them have grown bigger than the seats we have here". Wilson also noted that the storage space under the seats would be useful as the students have to keep track of numerous books and other supplies. 

Wilson stated that the gift would have a lasting impact on the students at an emotional level " I think this will really boost the students' self-esteem, to know that they have new chairs that fit their needs. They will feel special." 

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