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MSBM Brings Lesson of Mandela’s Leadership to National Children’s Home

The children of the National Children’s home participated in a special fun and learning session courtesy of Mona School of Business and Management (MSBM) on Thursday July 18, as the school celebrated Nelson Mandela Day.

The event is celebrated worldwide to inspire individuals to take action and make positive change in the world. Last year Mandela Day was launched for the first time in Jamaica. This year, at the invitation of the South African High Commission, organizations were asked to devote 67 minutes to time with children, each minute representing a year of Mandela’s freedom fighting.

The business school continued its longstanding relationship with the home by joining the children for 2 hours of activities. The children were engaged with documentaries and presentations about the transformational leader, and joined in interactive discussions. Participants were able to learn not only about the leader’s great achievements, but about his childhood and connection with Jamaica as they listened to details of his visit to the island in 1991. The youths were encouraged to ‘make every day a Mandela day’ by enacting positive change in their surroundings.

MSBM staff members then presented the children with tokens and prizes and later read stories to the youngsters, including excerpts from Mr. Mandela’s autobiography “The Long Road to Freedom.” 

Janice Henlin, Marketing Director at MSBM noted, “We were very excited to share Mandela’s message with the children of the National Children’s home and we enjoyed their energy and enthusiasm.  We hope that they have received encouragement through the life of Mr. Mandela.”

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