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Management Studies Graduating Class of 1980 Bursary Recipients 2020

As part of the commemoration of their 40th Anniversary, the Management Studies Graduating Class of 1980, contributed two bursaries for undergraduate students of Mona School of Business and Management (MSBM) for the academic year 2020/21. 

Interviews were conducted in late September by a panel with representatives from the Class of 1980 and MSBM and the Bursaries were offered to two (2) students - Oshane Edwards and Tamarnie Tavares - for two (2) years at a value of J$160,000 each year.

Oshane - a second year BSc. Accounting major - is Vice President and Treasurer of the Careers Club, some of his hobbies include: teaching and volunteerism.

Tamarnie - a second year BSc. Operations Management & Management Studies major - is a member of the Banking League, some of her hobbies include: reading and sign language.

The partnership is in response to the ongoing challenge faced by individuals to fund higher education and the desire of the Group to give back to The University. MSBM expresses sincere thanks to the Group for the kind consideration and contribution to the development of our students.

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