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MSBM Virtual Orientation 2021

Mona School of Business and Management (MSBM) welcomed hundreds of new graduate and undergraduate students for the academic year 2021/22 in virtual orientation sessions held over the period August 9 - 31, 2021. These cohorts have the distinction of being the second set of students to begin their programme of study in an online/remote mode.

In continuing its response to the challenges posed by the COVIID-19 Pandemic, the planning teams ensured that the virtual sessions again provided the opportunity for students to engage with faculty and staff and receive critical information regarding their academic journey. The sessions were facilitated live by the Admissions Teams to ensure that the students had a seamless introduction to the MSBM experience.

While the Graduate Programmes Orientation featured breakout sessions by programme, as well as sessions on tuition financing and preparation for gradaute studies; the Undergraduate Orientation was executed within the UWI, Mona's wider activities and theme, "Beginning with the End in Mind".

Placing focus on Online learning, students were provided with tips for success and with a set of valuable resources as part of their virtual packages to assist in the transition. MSBM continues to stand by its mission to advance learning, create knowledge and foster innovation and we are working assiduously to ensure that we deliver an excellent experience to all our students in their quest to pursue higher education.

Welcome all new students!

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