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MSBM Helps Digicel Employees up the Professional Ladder

OVER 300 local employees were promoted at Digicel last year through a partnership the company has with the University of the West Indies' Mona School of Business & Management.

The partnership ensured investment in the training and development of the company's employees in areas such as project management, performance and professional development.

Andrea Chung, director of human resources and organisational development at Digicel said the company's strategy is to develop its employees to adapt to the changing marketplace.

"The workplace has changed significantly over the past few years and it's not just in terms of technological advancements. Today's top talents expect rapid career development and expect to have frequent career conversations with their managers. Gone are the days when employees would wait patiently to be moved up the corporate ladder," she said

"Digicel today is extremely dynamic and to maintain our success we have to remain focused on our people and have an effective talent management and succession strategy in place."

The same strategy of developing employees to increase productivity was reinforced to workers who are being monitored and trained to be promoted to managerial positions at the organisation.

Speaking at a mixer for these specific employees, Jacqueline Passley, head of learning and development, said success in management was top priority for the company in order to retain business success for lengthy periods.

"Talent and succession management is a high priority for our organisation as we seek to develop our staff, retain talent and increase our productivity," she said.

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