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MSBM hosts Student Engagement & Enrichment Sessions

Mona School of Business and Management (MSBM) hosted three virtual Student Engagement and Enrichment Sessions from March – April 2022. The Sessions were geared towards ensuring the holistic development of MSBM students. In that regard, the School constantly seeks to establish partnerships in order to provide the infrastructure and support needed to ensure that every student thrives and has an enjoyable, caring and enriching MSBM experience.

The first of the three Sessions, “Putting your Best Foot Forward”, took place on March 17, 2022 and featured HR practitioners who shared about preparing for the world of work, how COVID-19 has changed what employers are looking for in the ideal employee and the multi-generational workforce.

In the second session on March 31, 2022 entitled, “Investing for a Better Future”, students heard from MSBM administrators who guided them through key areas to note in the Student Handbook, Examination Preparation and Study Tips, as well as how to make the selection of majors and minors.

The final session was staged on April 7, 2022 under the theme, “Life at UWI”. Students received pointers from MSBM faculty members on time management skills, networking and relationship-building and additional study tips. They were also treated to a virtual fete with music by DJ Taj.


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