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MSBM promotes IT leadership through Public Lecture series

Global Chief Information Officer and Principal at Deloitte, Larry Quinlan, wowed the audience at the Mona School of Business and Management Public Lecture held on Tuesday, February 6th. He presented on the topic “The Challenges of Information Technology Leadership in today’s competitive Business Environment.”

Quinlan drew on his experiences at Deloitte to highlight the key components that are needed in order for changes in Information Technology to be successful. Quinlan discussed the impact of IT on the global stage, implementing IT solutions, optimizing limited resources to meet the changing environments.

He also cited that businesses and entities should try harder to radically transform the world using technology. He encouraged participants to view IT and Business as one, not Business versus IT. “The role of implementing technology has become too complex, as roles have moved away from the organization. These roles have now changed the humanization of technology so as to build a culture, to show care and to show diversity. Technology is a discipline that has to be managed,” shared Quinlan.

“The CIO role in technology and business is relatively new and has evolved at a rapid pace as technology has become pervasive in the enterprise and thus we influence people and sell a vision. As the demand for IT grows, the strategic sensation grows. We need to create a spirit of enthusiasm to inflict choices among our audience. The IT strategy is driven by the business solution and strategy,” he continued.

“As a part of our continuing Public Lecture Series, MSBM aims to engage in public discourse on innovative, dynamic topics and to provide cutting edge information. As the leading business school in the Caribbean, we are tasked with providing solutions to the many challenges in information, technology, digital transformation and business. We are extremely proud of the work Quinlan has done and we appreciate the information he’s come to share on IT and Business,” shared event chair, Dr. Maurice McNaughton, Director, Centre of Excellence, MSBM.

Quinlan has responsibility for all facets of technology including strategy, applications, infrastructure, support, execution and spends significant time working with major clients discussing technology strategy, trends, and leadership. 

He sits on Deloitte's US Executive and Global Operating Committees and also chairs the Global CIO Council. Quinlan holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Baruch College, New York, and a Bachelor of Science degree from The University of the West Indies.

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