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MSBM students... scholarship recipients of CB GROUP UWI 5K AND SMART EGGS KIDS K

The CB Group UWI 5K and Smart Eggs Kids K 2018 Press Launch took place on Monday, October 1, 2018, 10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. in the UWI Regional Headquarters in the Ramson Room. Heartiest Congratulations to the MSBM students who are scholarship recipients.

Pictured above:(L-R) Oshanie Levy (BSc Mgmt Studies), Sabrena Johnson (BSc Banking and Finance), Romario Bartley (BSc Accounting), and Tomoy Nembhard (BSc Accounting).

Scholarship Recipients:

  • Oshanie Levy,  (BSc Mgmt Studies)
  • Sabrena Johnson,  (BSc Banking and Finance)
  • Romario Bartley, (BSc Accounting) 
  • Tomoy Nembhard (BSc Accounting)
  • Tramaine Brown, BSC Mgmt Studies
  • Jon-Ross Campbell (BSC HRM)
  • Shenelle Walker (BSC TOursims Mgmt)
  • Tamoya Walters (BSc Mgmt Studies)


More about our students:

Jon-Ross Campbell

Human Resource Management Major, GPA 2.71, Cricketer, Top Order Batsman, Melbourne Cricket Club, Represents UWI, Represented national team under 15 and under 19 in regional tournaments, Represented the senior national team. “I played in England 2016 in Lancashire League where I scored over 1000 runs and helped my team win the league.”

Oshaine Levy

“I’m Oshaine Levy, I’m a track and field athlete, I ran the 400m hurdles for UWI. A finalist in the 400m hurdles for my 2 times representing at the intercol level.” 

Sabrena Johnson

Sabrena Johnson is currently a final year student in the Faculty of Social Sciences where she is pursuing her Bachelors of Science Degree in Finance. She is an enthusiast who is intrinsically motivated and so despite being a product of a humble household she has always been striving for excellence. Over the years she has displayed stellar academic performance by completing her secondary education with ten CXC subjects and an Associate Degree in General Studies. Since being at the University of the West Indies she has maintained her position on the Dean’s List while actively participating in the Rotaract Club and volunteering with the Hanover Hope Foundation. She has established herself as a leader and a role model to her peers. In her spare time she enjoys socializing with her peers, reading and listening to music.

Romario Bartley

Romario Bartley is an accounting major. He plays the position of prop or second roem for the UWI Rugby Team and Liguanea Dragon Club.  He has been awarded multiple silver and bronze medals and has represented the country in Canada.

Tomoy Nembhard

(GPA 3.55)

“My name is Tomoy Nembhard, I am currently 20 years of age and a resident of the Olympic Garden Community. I am also a proud second year student of the University of the West Indies where I am pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting at the Faculty of Social Sciences. During my years at The Convent of Mercy Academy I have received many awards which includes but is not limited to: Most Outstanding Student for the Academic Year 2017, Most Outstanding Performance in CSEC 2015, and The Nowrang Singh Award for “Excellence in Business.” My special interests include: cooking, hairstyling and educating.”

Tramaine Brown

Studying Social Sciences, Management Studies, Plays Football, Represented the parish of St. Catherine when she was 13 in the under 15 parish team. She played one year for Portmore Strikers, captained Frasier Whip, and Barbican Football Club. In her first year playing for Barbican she copped the JFF Scholarship for Academics and Sports.

Shenelle Walker

“My name is Shenelle Walker, a third year Tourism Management major. My sport is Volleyball, which I have been playing for 9 years. I am a Setter and I play for the UWI Pelican Volleyball Club. At my alma mater, Wolmer’s High School for Girls, I was awarded the Best National U19 Setter for four consecutive years. My most recent award, while attending the UWI, is the Best Setter Award which I received at the UWI Pelican Volleyball Invitational. In addition to this, I was selected earlier in the year to go to China where I spent 9 weeks in the summer developing my skills in the sport. That was a great experience.”

Tamoya Walters

“My name is Tamoya Walters, I represent UWI in the high and triple jump discipline. I have received numerous awards while competing at various track meets. Most importantly, I was placed fourth at the 2018 NCB Intercollegiate Championship in the high and triple jumps events respectively.”

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