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This Land is My Land: JCDC’s Stephen Davidson cherishes his front-row seat in the island culture he adores

Inside Stephen Davidson’s office at the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) premises on Phoenix Avenue in Kingston, you find a plethora of striking visuals, including a well-positioned wall photo of sprint icon Veronica Campbell-Brown (his all-time favourite athlete), a few pieces of inspired artistic imagery and a fascinating pencil sketch of Stephen himself, done by a budding young artist, we presume.

Before long your eyes come to rest on the work desk. It’s a busy space, to say the least, piled high with paperwork and an assortment of paraphernalia concerning the much-anticipated events to mark the 54th anniversary of Jamaica’s Independence, which kicks off next week. It’s an epic understatement to say that the planning and promotion of these upcoming events commands the lion’s share of Stephen’s time. After all, he is the Director of Marketing and Public Relations at the JCDC, for the past three years.

His days are filled with meetings, think-tank sessions (he just got back to office from a JIS workshop) and finding new and creative ways of making the annual celebrations appealing to the masses. They say it’s team work that makes the dream work, but you have to give singular credit where it’s due. 

Stephen Davidson is a solid presence at the JCDC, an asset who seems to specialize in results and has been able to get his colleagues at the agency to embrace new ideas and a fresher approach to the business of preserving and promoting Jamaican culture. Thanks to the immense passion he brings to his work, the promotion and unfolding of JCDC events has been enveloped in more fervent buzz than in previous years.

Stephen Davidson is a MSBM alum, he holds a MBA with a specialization in Marketing. 

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