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NIDS laudable, so let’s address the concerns

It is with sadness that I extend my sincere sympathy to the family of the Most Honourable Edward Philip George Seaga. He was a Prime Minister about whom character and corruption were never mentioned in the same sentence, and whose intellect for understanding the ordinary Jamaican was one of his most notable hallmarks.

As the tributes are outpouring of his many great achievements and foresight, one in particular resonates with me personally. This was his handling of the restoration of our country after the devastation of Hurricane Gilbert, and his willingness to assist all, regardless of area and party affiliation. Some say that his non-partisanship in this work may have cost him the following year’s election.

He was a Jamaican to be proud of; and his love for country was borne out by his actions and writings right to the end. May his soul find everlasting peace.

Recently the Constitutional Court gave a ruling regarding the implementation of NIDS and that ruling has caused the Government to reconsider the legislation that will make it compliant with human rights and the safeguards necessary for privacy. It is my view that the rushed timetable for NIDS may not have been dictated by the Government of Jamaica, but may have been imposed on them by “higher powers”.  Those who may be the initiators I leave to the investigation and imagination of the readers.

I think that the general support for NIDS is very high; however there is an element of a lack of trust that runs through the population. The public relations campaigns have failed to clarify the concerns for many people, and this is the crux of the current rejection. Succeeding governments have tended to use information in varied ways that suit their individual preferences for and against individuals and companies.

These, by commission or omission, have been used to sterilize and sanctify party faithful who are then the recipients of contractual largesse. The first useful application of NIDS could be the tracking of professionals who allow their names to be used for the purposes of registration of contractors who have no demonstrated professional certification. The identity of persons who allow their names to be used, and who really don’t work for the designated companies, would provide an audit trail.

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