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From problems to apps: ideas for industry development

As one of the novel approaches leading up to the recent Slashroots|Caribbean Open Data Conference and Codesprint, MSB recently brought together a range of stakeholders from the Public sector and Civil society to attend an Ideation session to "think aloud" about common problems and challenges and generate ideas about the potential use of new information and communication technologies in finding indigenous solutions.

This Ideation process was used as a catalyst for developers to contemplate solutions to the various problems and ideas during the code sprint competition and beyond. Institutional participants at the session included: TPDCo, STATIN, Ministry of Agriculture, JAMPRO, and Inst. for Social Entrepreneurship & Equity - UCC, and ICT4D. One of the participants, Michele Marius, Senior Consulting Officer - Knowledge Services at JAMPRO, described the Ideation experience in her blog: ICT-Pulse. 

“Members of the developer community are often keen for a challenge – a truly worthwhile software/programming project… At the opposite end of the spectrum, there are specialists who understand the problems facing the various industries/sectors. Can some of those problems benefit from a tech solution? What ideas could be generated if these two groups work together?"... 

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