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Putting the Economy on the Right Track

I have been fascinated by trains all my life. I recall with nostalgia the famous steam-driven train Engine 38, with its billowing clouds of steam and smoke floating backwards over the caboose and the attached coal car, while the sweating engineer and driver tended the behemoth of a machine as it shunted from one track to another in the May Pen trainyard of my boyhood days.

This train and the trainyard are immortalised in the movie Dark of the Sun, which was shot in Jamaica. The train's external moving parts were exciting to watch as the mechanism flexed and groaned as it turned the wheels of the train, at first ever so excruciatingly slowly and then, gradually, faster and faster as it clattered, belched and roared off into the distance. It carried passengers in coaches and, in the ugly wooden-railed boxcars reserved for produce, cattle and those who couldn't afford a seat in the coaches. Life in the boxcars was hard, especially when it rained.

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