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Savvy Webmaster Jennifer

The title webmaster was a little-known category in the Jamaican workplace before the turn of the century; and, one could not find many women in this post in year 2000, or commanding this pivotal position in a multi-national entity that requires instant, constant flow of information to its members and customers, globally.

But, for Jennifer Jones D'Aguilar, wife, mother, matriculating MBA management student at the Mona School of Business, and webmaster, this was definitely the career she wanted to pursue; and, at Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS), she found her niche in the organisation's Corporate Communications Department.

"I believe that a website should provide cutting-edge services and best-in-class customer support, and after pursuing my first degree in information technology management at the University of Technology, I learned that there was much more to sites than a nice layout and a clear message," D'Aguilar explained.

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