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Shevielle’s natural hair & skin journey

“Me always used to always sell things enuh,” exclaimed Candice Gordon, founder of Shevielle, who was inspired by her interest to grow her hair. As such, with help from her sister, they began research on natural products for hair and skincare. With an entrepreneurial eye, Gordon bounced ideas off her sister. The brand has expanded to carry a range of quality lifestyle handmade products and provide protective tips.

In fact, Gordon’s journey as a young entrepreneur began at the secondary level of education, where she sold little trinkets and even hand-sewn items. She explained that she had two separate businesses back in high school. Her first business, since it was illegal to be selling at the school, was stopped. However, in her later years, an opportunity opened up at the school that allowed young entrepreneurs to conduct their businesses. With this, she sold a number of hair bows and headbands. Thus, her love for business and marketing grew.

Now, Candice Gordon is a final-year student at The UWI, Mona, and will receive a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Management Studies, graduating in November. Gordon claims that she always held a steadfast belief in her passions, and after leaving high school ahead of her graduating class, entered university in 2016.

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Article from: The Gleaner 

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