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STEPHEN WRIGHT: Computer Engineer Turned Business Scholar Tops MSBM Post Graduate Class Of 2017

For most, gaining excellence in one field or profession is a considerable accomplishment, but for wunderkind Stephen Wright that was simply not enough. After 15 years in the field of electronic and computer engineering, Wright has emerged as the top performer in the Post Graduate Programmes as well as the top performer in the MBA programme at Mona School of Business and Management (MSBM),  for the graduating class of 2017 earning an MBA in Business and Finance with distinction.

Wright’s decision to venture outside of his primary field was inspired by his desire to broaden his knowledge base as well as to gain a deeper understanding of the business side of the technology and engineering industries. He found that his quantitative problem solving background from engineering was closely matched with the requirements for finance and therefore pursued that concentration within the programme.

While doing the programme, I found that I genuinely enjoyed the finance courses and did the best in these courses. This confirmed the direction towards the concentration in Banking and Finance. While I am currently not working in finance, my studies gave me greater insight into a number of key areas in finance. These included the valuation of projects and firms, management of exchange rate risks in global firms, management of equity and fixed income investment portfolios, and the management of interest rate and liquidity risks in financial institutions,” shared Wright.

Hailing from a family of Scientists, his mother was an Agronomist and his father, a Chemist, a deep interest in the sciences was instilled in Wright at an early age, and developed into a love for electronics and wireless communications. Interestingly enough, however, it was his father’s change to banking in the 90’s that gave Stephen Wright his first exposure to banking and finance.

The choice to pursue his MBA at MSBM, Wright stated, was influenced by the accreditation of the programme by the Association of MBAs (AMBA). “While the programme’s curriculum imparted the necessary knowledge during the lectures, some of the main areas that were tested and developed were my soft skills; this included my time management capacity, and people management skills. I experienced considerable growth in these areas,” added Wright.

He further commended the institution on providing access to experts on the subject matters addressed within the postgraduate programme, many of who have worked in their respective fields for decades and were therefore able to share their experiences and make the material more relatable. “The experience was good, particularly the interactions with persons working in other fields and in other companies in Jamaica. The MBA programme at MSBM met my expectations by providing me with an insight into other areas of business such as law, marketing, finance, and business strategy. The programme also provided an introduction to entrepreneurship and the development of business plans from the ground up,” he continued.

Stephen Wright also holds a BSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering (First Class Honours) from UWI St. Augustine and an MSc in Telecommunication and Information Systems (with Distinction) from the University of Essex. He is currently a Radio Access Network Architect, responsible for the development of technology solutions at Digicel. 

Mona School of Business and Management is the premier Business School in the Caribbean, producing graduates that are ready to make an impactful contribution to Caribbean development. Through its innovative research and contribution to social and economic policy formation, MSBM is also actively engaged in addressing the critical priorities of the nation and the wider Caribbean region. 


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