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'Tell your MP' Julian Robinson how to spend CDF money via new app

Jamaican citizens living or working in the South East St Andrew constituency now have the opportunity to advise the Member of Parliament, Julian Robinson, how he should spend funds earmarked for the development of the community.

They can make their suggestions to Robinson about the Constituency Development Fund via the 'Tell Your MP' app on Google Play and website at

The pilot project -  a collaboration between the constituency office of South East St Andrew; the Mona School of Business and Management through the Caribbean Open Institute and the SlashRoots Foundation - aims to provide a model for civic participation, strengthening democracy and transparency, across all constituencies in Jamaica.

“This kind of process is available to citizens in some other countries, and so why not in Jamaica?” said Robinson in a press release.

“Opening up the political process in this way will take some getting used to, but our entire political system can only gain from giving citizens greater ownership of the entire democratic process—by having a greater say and the much-needed transparency to monitor how their tax dollars are being spent,” the MP added.

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