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Tribute to Mr. Nathan Robb, BA (Law) Attorney-At-Law

The Mona School of Business and Management (MSBM) community mourns the passing of Mr. Nathan Robb, Attorney-At-Law/Senior partner in the firm Clark Robb & Co., Montego Bay and Adjunct Lecturer at MSBM, UWI Western Jamaica Campus.

Mr. Robb gave sterling contribution to MSBM as the first lecturer to teach the course “Legal and Regulatory Framework” as part of the MBA programme at the UWI Western Jamaica Campus (WJC). When asked to assume the role of Adjunct Lecturer in 2009, his willingness and enthusiasm were heartening as he was keen to make a contribution to the MSBM and the University of the West Indies.

He is remembered for having classes that were thought-provoking, engaging and animated so much so that many Sundays classes ended at 8pm instead of the scheduled 6pm.    Many students reported that they were able to implement and integrate his advice into their personal lives thus making positive changes and/or adjustments as he was so practical and down to earth.    

While serving at MSBM-WJC Mr. Robb was not confined to his role in the classroom but actively served as debater, judge and panelist in numerous MBA student group presentations.  He was an avid supporter of all campus activities and events extending beyond MSBM to the wider UWI Western Campus as well.  In this regard, he was instrumental in helping to forge stronger relationships between the UWI Western Jamaica Campus and the business community in the region.

Mr Robb was very collegial and endeared himself to the staff who have  fond memories of him as witty, insightful, always willing  to share his knowledge and experience; jovial, radical in his thinking, humble in spirit and great at making profound statements.  He was inclusive, no-one left his presence feeling an outsider – everyone felt they were special to him. He is remembered as not only caring about his students but also about the staff as he sought to the welfare and well-being of all.

He is also fondly remembered for his love of a great cup of coffee as one of his signature statements on entering the office was “Where is my coffee?” He would then be sure to sit and drink his coffee while interacting with the staff before going to his classes

He is considered to be one of the giants of the West, he was heavily involved in all areas of society as Montego Bay’s growth and development was always chief in his heart and to which he gave a lifetime of service and love.  He has left an indelible mark in Montego Bay and the Western Region. 

Though he was very involved in the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce where he served as President between 2013-15, the Rotary Club and his beloved Cornwall College where he served as Chairman, he found so much delight and satisfaction in imparting his knowledge to the MBA students and made the time to be available for them.

Mr. Nathan Robb – a brilliant mind and a man for all seasons.  He will truly be missed.

We extend our sincere condolences to his family and colleagues and assure them of our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

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